Are you ready to PICK? Are you ready to GRIN?? It's just an hour away!

Tune in Sunday morning at 9am CST on the stream for The Sunday Morning Two Hour Folk Hour with myself and @RustyApples. We've got some good music picked out for ya! Feel free to send yer requests to either of us here or drop them and tag us in the channel on zeronode

The Stream:
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Apparently this doctor's office has a poster of all my internet friends!

ITM! It's *that* morning and almost that time!

Check out the Sunday Morning Two Hour LIVE on the No Agenda stream coming up here at 9am CST, where @RustyApples and I will be playing some bluegrass and folk tunes, and if you have a request of a live version of a song, we'll try to get it in!


I reckon we're about 30 minutes away from kicking off the Sunday Funday on with the Sunday Morning Two Hour Folk Hour at 9am CST! @RustyApples and I will be bringing your weekly fix of folk and bluegrass tunes, followed by @darrenoneill and the Rock n Roll Preshow at 11am CST as he gets ready to lead into the main event, No Agenda at 1pm CST!

In the morning and in the grass!

Just about 25 minutes away from the best damn folk hour in the universe, the Sunday Morning Two Hour, LIVE on the No Agenda Stream at 9AM CST. @RustyApples and I have a great show planned for you, so get toked up and ready to get folk'd up!

The Stream:
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