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Howdy and In the Morning!

It's almost 9am CST, which means it's almost time for the Sunday Morning Two Hour Folk Hour LIVE on the No Agenda Stream (! Pull up your favorite lawn chair in the troll room and settle in to get folk'd up with myself and the king of oxidized fruit trees, Mr. Rusty Apples!


Rumor has is it that the "BA" in BA-5 stands for "Bluegrass Averse", so in order to fight off the newest wave of biomedical tyranny tune in to the Sunday Morning Two Hour Folk Hour, live on tomorrow morning at 9am CST!

The music interlude in the middle sounds like a No Agenda end of show mix.

Get Folk'd Up!

The Sunday Morning Two Hour Folk Hour will be coming to you LIVE this morning on the No Agenda stream from 10-Noon EST (9-11 CST) as Rusty Apples @fletcher and I bring you selections and requests from the folk/bluegrass genres.

We'll be followed by the troll fluffer himself, @darrenoneill with the one and only Rock and Roll pre-Show (Booooost!) as he gets you ready for the main event, No Agenda LIVE at 2pm EST/1pm CST.

Muh vapes been fucking me up and leaving me gasping the past couple of days and I just realized they accidentally gave me the juice with twice my normal nicotine level...

🏆🏆🏆 Leaderboard ~ Last 7 days 🏆🏆🏆

💰 Most Amount Boosted 💰

🥇 @murray_n from Fountain: 66000
🥈 @lavish from Fountain: 46824
🥉 AbleKirby from CurioCaster: 38552
4 @meremortalspodcast from Fountain: 35211
5 @netned from Fountain: 21234
6 SirVo from BoostCLIT: 15306
7 harvhat from CurioCaster: 15108
8 @boolysteed from Fountain: 13995
9 @phoneboy from Fountain: 10302
10 Chad F from CurioCaster: 10000

Thanks to the continued bad ass work of @dowodenum, we now have multiple boost ISOs for different values. Now YOU, the producer, can strike up a conversation between Alex Jones and Jim Jones!

Learn more in our show notes.


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